Why Use Gowning Room Furniture In Laboratory?

Every laboratory should equip extra space for diverse gowning furniture storage eliminating the risk of contamination within workspaces. The laboratory maintains distinct protocols to maintain a well functional cleanroom environment. The technicians use specifically designed gowns while working with hazardous material; it should be disposed of safely in separate containers. So it is vital for maintaining a separate section for sanitizing and storing personal belongings of the employees.

The need for a separate room

A gowning room, like any cleanroom, is essential to maintain a healthy environment within the laboratory. It is essential to have a separate section for employees to change safety apparels, keep personal belongings, wear protective equipment, and wash & clean themselves before entry and exit into the lab premises. The laboratory personnel should take special precautionary measures before dealing with sensitive chemicals and devices. But after use, they should cleanse themselves and dispose of the gadgets to avoid the spread of a microbial attack.

Various gowning furniture commonly used

Choosing the right ergonomic furniture for the workstation defines an amplified level of comfort and efficiency over longer periods. Similar to the important tools in the research room, there are various essential furniture’s required for gowning to suit industrial safety requirements. Let us look into some common ones and the need for using it.

Garment and gowning racks:  These are important racks and storage cabinets provided for keeping an organized section of garments, safety hoods, apparel, gloves, and masks separately. These are usually made up of acrylic or stainless steel material. The section carries diverse apparel like lab coats, coveralls, thick gowns, PPE kits, shoes, head gears for suiting the kind of experimentation carried out. They have reinforced doors, HEPA filters, dividers, and rod hangers for filtration and convenience.

Gowning benches: Such an ISO-certified stainless steel gowning bench is put to use for following garbing protocols; there is a separate section for clean and dirty zones to maintain sterile conditions.

Dispensers: The right disposal mechanism for used gowns and gloves is a necessary precautionary step for a cleaner environment. They are acrylic or plastic in nature that makes it easier to handle. The prime concern should be to check microbial growth or contamination by unclean discharge handling.

Shoe Racks and cleaners: For many experiments, complete protection from head to toe becomes necessary. A separate furniture is needed to store various customized protective shoe range. Shoe Cleaners remove harmful particles before entering the premises. An internal vacuum is created in it for suction of dust and particulate and is attached to a central system.

Sinks and sanitizing section: Washing and cleaning are primary procedures before and after entering the workspace to eliminate all germs that might be carried along with the person. Sanitizers, hand washes, soap, and cleaning liquids should be available all the time. Separate sinks and washing units are used for efficient cleaning.

Mirrors: Gowning tools include cleanroom mirrors that are necessary to adjust apparels and employ safe dressing or removal of the safety equipment like gowns, shoe covers, masks, eyepiece, etc. They have framed mount walls and high quality looking glass.

There are many other lab furniture including cleaning mats, waste receptacles, lockers, ladders and work platforms, bootie racks, etc., each having diverse utilities.

Significance of using gowning furniture

Gowning furniture is significant in many ways

Storage solution: A gowning room has cabinets and shelves for the organizational storage of garments, shoes, protective wears, eyepieces, gloves, etc. Distinctly for personal use of employees. That reduces cramming in the main section room where experimentation is performed.

Hygiene maintenance: A sterile and protected environment is necessary for the effective functioning of a research centre. Cleaning and disinfecting are vital for maintaining healthy room conditions and the safety of lab personnel. The gowning room offers a safe space for washing and cleaning, disposing of dirty apparel, gloves, or shoes, and preserving hygiene and sanitary requirements.

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