Electric Cars: Making The Roads And The Environment Safer

Electric Cars: Making The Roads And The Environment Safer

The need for electric cars far surpasses the amount of public charging stations created across the world. Currently, this is a major contributor to the slow rise of EV vehicles, and in the future, it will also be the backbone to strengthen the industry.

Charging an electric vehicle takes more time compared to filling up a tank with petrol. Moreover, a charged car with a full battery will not get you as far as a full tank of gas. Therefore, many consider the crucial need for building new infrastructure to charge Electric Vehicles of utmost importance. Charging stations should be easily accessible to all drivers and is pertinent to achieve widespread use of clean transportation. But, nowadays, new technology such as EO Mini is being invented to offer more compact and smaller fast home chargers.

Tips for maximising your range while driving

Refrain from using fast acceleration.
Electric cars are much better in acceleration when compared to gas-based vehicles. Using a gentle touch on the accelerator will ensure you minimize energy consumption and save more while driving.

  • Steady Speed Limit

Monitor your speed while driving in an electric vehicle. Fuel consumption in gas-based cars is different when compared to electric vehicles. The faster you go in an electric vehicle, the more amount of energy the car will consume. Usually, the ideal speeds should be between 50 to 70 mph to save electricity and increase the distance.

  • Reducing Stopping Time

Driving around in a vehicle without using the brakes is not a wise decision. But in an electronic vehicle, using brakes less often results in the consumption of energy. So rather than using the brakes continuously, reduce your driving speed and manoeuvre at a normal speed, which will result in less braking.

  • Climate Control & Heating

Climate control and heating features in an EV have a significant impact on the battery. Switching it off or turning it down climate control reduces static energy consumption, enabling your car to drive further.

  • Selecting The Right Tyre

Tyres play a significant role in fuel economy. Getting the right set of types will not only improve traction but will offer improved stability while driving. Wider tyres have a bigger surface area and therefore require more energy while driving when compared to normal regular units.

Advantages of shifting to Electronic Vehicles

  • Cost-effective

With the quick surge in fuel prices worldwide, charging an electric vehicle is relatively easy and cheap. For example, in many countries, the cost for EV charging is about 40% compared to petrol, for the same sized vehicle and the same distance. Moreover, if you charge the vehicle with the help of a solar panel, the cost will be much lower.

  • Easier Maintenance

Electronic vehicles have fewer moving parts than a normal gas-based vehicle. Therefore, even regular servicing takes less time and hassle and is much more affordable than diesel/petrol vehicles.

  • Environment Friendly

Millions of people are staunch supporters of electric vehicles who firmly believe in the positive environmental effect of not driving petrol/diesel-based vehicles. Moreover, EVs have zero exhaust emissions. Therefore, by accepting to drive an EV, you reduce harmful emissions and create a low carbon footprint.

  • Renewable Energy:

Furthermore, you can install solar panels for your EV charging station and significantly decrease the level of greenhouse gas emissions. The energy will be free and renewable and is not detrimental to the environment.

  • Health:

The decrease in harmful emissions from the exhaust protects the surroundings and enhances your health condition—ameliorated air quality results in a decrease in health problems. Luckily, EVs produce nearly zero levels of emissions and are relatively way too quieter than gas-based vehicles.

Are you searching for charging stations near me? EVs are much easier to charge from a proper charging station. Some stations offer renewable energy sources, helping to decrease the dependency on petrol and diesel. An increase in the fuel costs would no longer matter to the Electronic vehicle holders who can charge their batteries at a lower price.