Droom– The Best Collection For Everyone

Droom is India’s very first and the only online marketplace that is used for buying or selling new and pre-loved automobiles. It has more than 65% online market share of the automobile transactions and is India’s largest auto portal. It is a fully transactional online platform that enables a complete end- to- end transaction between the buyer and seller. Droom offers a broad catalog of all types of vehicles and boasts to deal with all automobile segments ranging from bicycles to planes.

Droom offers the biggest collection of pre-loved vehicles as well at the most competitive prices only from the verified sellers. Droom deals in all kinds of bikes and motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, cars including the most premium ones, superbikes like Harley Davidson, KTM, Ducati, etc., vintage cars, electric vehicles, and commercial vehicles. Moreover, Droom also deals in merchandise like helmets, car perfume, sunglasses, smart bands, key chains along with the automobile services such as warranty, auto inspection, car care, car detailing, roadside assistance, RTO services, denting and painting, wheel maintenance, etc. This plethora of products and services makes Droom a market leader and one of the biggest names in the category.

Along with all the other products, helmets are one of the most sought after and the best selling product at Droom. Droom helmets are one of the best in class because of certain features. Droom helmets fulfill all the safety standards and as proof, all of them are ISI certified. They are made with the finest quality material and are quite comfortable to wear. You will find all the helmets in Droom is a matte finish with a the logo on them. In addition, they will have a #SafetyFirst mark on both the left and right sides. Droom helmets are very strong and provide the best possible safety to the bike riders.

As we all know, helmets are very important for any two-wheeler rider. Helmets provide an additional layer over the head and thus give protection to the wearers from few of the most severe kinds of traumatic brain injuries. During a road accident, a helmet reduces the risks of severe head and brain injuries as it reduces the impact of a collision or a force on the head. According to the law, wearing a helmet is mandatory for all two-wheeler riders. It is important as it keeps you safe. The studies show that most of the fatalities in accidents involving two-wheelers are due to the injuries to the head. It is quite evident from the figures provided in various related data that the persons wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle are much less prone to suffer a serious brain or head injury if they get into a crash.

Statistics have shown that helmets save lives and diminish the risk of head trauma in case of accidents. Still, people have a number of absurd reasons to ditch the helmet while riding a bike such as it messes up their hair, it makes them feel too hot and uncomfortable or that it really doesn’t help in preventing the injuries and saving lives. People even want not to wear helmets as they feel that a helmet may save their life during an accident but can leave them in a vegetative state. But, they don’t actually understand that life is the most valuable thing and their presence is extremely important for their families. Many of these people are the bread winners for their families and their death may cause an extreme financial crisis for them.

Helmet is important for all two-wheeler riders as though it may not completely prevent a severe injury to the head or brain but in any case, it will definitely provide a cushion that will lessen the impact of the blow. While riding a bicycle or a motorcycle, wearing a helmet can also ease your vision and provide protection from the bright sun rays as well as rain. Children, teenagers and adults should be encouraged to wear helmets while bicycling, biking, skateboarding and in- line skating in order to save them from a serious head injury which is, unfortunately, a leading cause of disability and death in case of severe crashes.

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