Interested In 100% Omri-certified Cocopeat Grow Bags? Explore Riococo

Interested in 100% OMRI-certified cocopeat grow bags? Explore RIOCOCO

The concept of using growing bags for plants is not a new strategy of cultivation. Rather it was a well-established technique of eco-friendly and cost-effective approaches of propagating crops and flowers in the bygone era of Greek and Egyptian civilisations. Still, after aeons, such a practical method of farming is highly popular and extensively practised among agronomists throughout the world. RIOCOCO offers handmade cocopeat grow bags composed of coco peat or coir starter blocks that come as a 100% OMRI-certified product. 

How do the Cocopeat Growing Bags for Plants Facilitate the Cultivators in Crop Production?

OMRI-Certified and Transportable 

The cocopeat bags for growing crops and flowers from RIOCOCO possess a 100% OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certification, ensuring that such bags are made from completely natural materials like coco peat or coir fibre without any chemicals or fillers. These plant bags go through a stringent process of five times super-washing method, thereby augmenting its permeability. The cultivators use the coco peat and starter blocks breaking them down and directly applying to the soil mix for increased propagation of the plants.

These bags are attainable in PCM grow bags and also as PCM OTBs or Open Top Bags, and PCM CTBs or Close Top Bags. As these coco peat bags always sustain a subtle balance of air and water in 50:50 proportions, they are the most sustainable choice for farmers. Besides, they are easily transportable between indoor and outdoor areas in the house, or elsewhere, as they are substantially lighter in weight and come with secure fibre handles, compared to containers and planters of metal or earthenware. 

Highly Absorbent 

These natural plants grow bags come with innumerable micro-pores in the entire contours of the bag, resulting in enhanced breathability and augmented air and water absorbency. Hence, such bags can easily distribute the air, offering 30% essential oxygen to the root system of plants. As these bags are constantly saturated in fresh and saline water over a few months, they acquire increased absorbency and higher air circulation attributes, helpful for the plant roots to proportionately balance the essential micronutrients.

Modulates the Degrees

Besides, these natural grow bags can be suitably placed as an inner layer in between the growers and soil mix for delivering the necessary warmth to the plants and roots. Due to the unique macro-porous composition, such bags can easily dissipate any surplus heat from the insides of the bag. Thus, they assist in sustaining the soil cooler and humid in the summer months, while offering the necessary warmth in winters, evading any scope of drying up. 

Averts Overwatering 

Yet another beneficial aspect of coco peat plant growing bags is that they can conveniently drive out the excess water from the root system of the plant through the micro-pores and from underneath the bags’ fabric. In this process, they assure that the root system is not inundated with excess water, thereby avoiding any probabilities of root decay.

Balanced Ph Level and Reduced Salt-Ions

Again, these super-washed and highly nutritive natural coco peat plant bags are known to possess a balanced level of pH, which is around 6.5 to 7. Hence, as the pH is neither acidic nor basic, it can adequately sustain and accelerate the growth of the root system and plants with the requisite level of freshwater. Besides that, these grow bags contain a lower rate of salt ions, excluding any harmful boron and chlorine that are adverse to the effective growth of the root system. 

Invaluable Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Aspects 

Moreover, these coco peat plant growing bags possess exclusive anti-fungal and anti-bacterial traits, helping as an organic pesticide in protecting the root system. Hence, such grow bags can negate the need for any chemical-based insecticide for the plants. 

Final Verdict

Considering these vital and useful facets of cocopeat grow bags, it is recommended for the agriculturists to fetch them only from RIOCOCO, as this organisation under Ceyhinz Link International Inc. are the undeniable market leaders in harnessing energy-efficient approaches of cultivation. Besides, these organic grow bags are attainable in UV-safe weather-proof sacs.