Annapurna Base Camp Trek Guide Nepal

The Annapurna base camp trek in Nepal has been greatly promoted as one of the most visited trekking trails in the world in terms of culture and nature variations,  this trek in Nepal can be done any time of the year without any weather threat. it is ranked as a moderate trekking tour in the western side of Nepal Himalayas. 

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek is the best trekking in Nepal where you will be meeting hundreds of trekkers on the way waving with these beautiful sceneries to create an amazing trekking experience. Annapurna base camp trek has tentatively become one of Nepal's most visited trekking routes in Nepal which is rated more visited route than Everest one. If you are planning on a trek to Annapurna base camp then you should know what should you be prepared before sign up for it. 

Annapurna Base Camp Trek difficulty 

The Annapurna Base Camp trek is rated as a moderate-high altitude trek where you will be facing a lot of ups and downs staircases, the trail itself quite comfortable, and it's wide in the edges. However, if you are a beginner who is looking for this trek then it might be quite challenging for you in terms of altitude matters but if you walk slowly, eat well foods, and drink a lot then it is not an impossible way to conquer the mountain. A lot of trekkers have been suffering from high altitude as they ignore the simple rules to follow in order to avoid mountain sickness. If you are joining any local trekking company for this trek then you should be provided an experienced guide who can give you some good instructor during the trek what you should follow while trekking at the high altitude land of the Himalayas that really helps you to trek confidently! 

Annapurna base cmap trkeking itinerary 

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara for 5 hours and relax at the hotel nearby lakeside

Day 2: Drive from Nayapul to Tikhedunga and trek to Ghandruk village for 4 hours 

Day 3: Trek from Ghandruk Village to Chhomrong for 5 hours

Day 4: Trek from Chhomrong village to Himalaya for 5 hours 

Day 5: Trek from Himalaya to MBC and ABC for 4 hours 

Day 6: Trek from ABC to Bambo for 5 hours

Day 7: Trek from Bambo to Jun dada for 5 hours

Day 8: Trek from Jinu dada to Siwai and drive back to Pokhara for 5 hours \\

Day 9: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu for 6 hours

Day 10: Spree day in Kathmandu 

Day 11: Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu valley with locals 

Day 12: Final departure from Kathmandu with a lot of good experience, 

Annapurna base camp trekking Gear lists

  • Take some pair of top and lower thermals 
  • Some pair of Fleece jackets for hiking
  • Windproof jackets at least one pair
  • A warm and waterproof Down jacket, thicker one
  • some pair of fleece and wool trousers 
  • Some good Trekking or hiking pants buy folding sizes if possible
  • A nice pair of woolen gloves 
  • 3 pair of Warm Hiking socks cotton and wools
  • A comfortable Trekking sue with spare laces

The best season of the year for Annapurna base camp trekking 

 Nepal - home of the Himalayas and birthplace of Gautam Buddha which is the most beautiful adventure trekking destination on the planet. Trekking in Nepal or Annapurna can be done anytime around the year, but considering about the best time of the year is mainly march- May and Spe- Nov. has mainly four seasons as many other countries around the world but 2 seasons out of the 4 are the best, there are Autumn and Spring. Spring is one of the best times to go on Annapurna Base Camp Trek because of low precipitation and mild-temperature its an absolute weather for trekking. Likewise, Autumn is another great time of the year for trekking to the Annapurna base camp trek. The days are usually bright and sunny and that offers great mountains vistas and its scenery throughout the day and week. There is no risk of hiking at this time of the year. Be prepared now if you have been looking for trekking to Nepal Himalayas!