Giving Up Alcohol For A Month Giving Up Alcohol

Giving Up Alcohol For a Month Giving Up Alcohol

The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol are quite scary at times but with a strong will power over the months and years one’s dependency on alcohol consumption can indeed visit a sincere end where they can thus stop consuming. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi mainly states that it is thus important to remember that the body type of every individual is very different from each other where the drinking pattern and timeline would be very different and the changes or withdrawal symptoms of not drinking can also be different. Thus the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in New Delhi states that when an individual stop their consumption for 24 hours they might have the issues of small anxiety attacks or having tremors or shakes with a sweaty heachaches on the edge with alcohol cravings which will eventually grow with facing the issues of falling into depression and facing fatigueness issues as well.


When an individual will not consume for a week the symptoms could turn into the actions of having hallucinations, seizures and also start having an increased heart rate with high blood pressure on the rise which is very dangerous for any individual dealing with this issue. After at least 2 weeks the body would start to normal in a more better manner with some continuation of delusional facts and disorientation being on its peak with high blood pressure on the rise and mild sweating issues.


However, after a month you will yourself feel better with a more better sleep schedule or pattern with important eye movement, following a positive REM pattern at nights whereas the days will also be highly productive where one can go ahead and deal with a better problem solving measure with having a productive solution to any problems where the ability to control one’s emotions can also be taken into measure. You will also feel that the capacity of food intake has also increased where the hormones have this sheerly balanced it making you either full or hungry at times where the consuming water the leptin level inside our body makes the hormones run up and down.


One also goes ahead and saves up to 960 calories a day as a 175 ml of wine glass is mainly equal to 3 burgers and also a half bag of crisps where if you are stop consuming alcohol for a week too, you are saving around 1080 calories which is equal to around 6 bags of crisps and around 5 chocolate bars.


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