Oral Surgeons Vs. Dentists For Dental Implants: What Do You Need To Know?

Oral Surgeons Vs. Dentists for Dental Implants: What Do You Need to Know?

Many people need dental implants; according to an estimation, around 3 million people in the US have implants. A dental implant is a perfect alternative to tooth loss and functions just like a natural tooth.

According to numerous clinical studies, dental implants have a high success rate leading to at least 95-98% globally. One of the most famous and successful are Contra Costa dental implants. You can find several dental offices in Contra Costa County. They are highly durable and can last for a lifetime.

However, this procedure is fairly invasive and requires a surgical component. It is important to find the right dental professional to do this procedure.

Some dentists offer implant placement by themselves. Others might refer you to an oral surgeon. But how should you know the right person for your implant placement? Find out in this article.


A Quick Refresher on Dental Implants:

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots to restore tooth loss. They are highly durable and made of titanium and highly compatible materials with the human body.

Patients who require dental implants must have healthy jawbones to keep the implants intact. Otherwise, bone grafting is necessary to proceed with the actual procedure.


Dental Implant Placement:

Though oral surgeons and general dentists both can place dental implants. However, choosing the right person for your dental health is important to achieve better results. Having a full understanding of what these titles mean will help you make the right decision for your implant’s surgery.


Can General Dentists Be Chosen for Implant Placement?

General dentists are primary dental care providers; they specialize in diagnosing, treating, and managing overall oral health needs. These include fillings, gum care, root canal, veneers, crown or bridge placement, giving preventive education to patients, etc.

General dentists, in most cases, are likely to place implants where patients do not require any additional treatment. Patients who have healthy jawbones and gums and whose tooth has not been missing for too long can get the treatment from a general dentist. In fact, in most cases, the dentist is likely to take up the task by himself and usually does not refer the patient to an oral surgeon.

Some dentists have additional training and experience in placing dental implants. It is also wise to choose a general dentist to carry on your implant procedure in such cases.   


Situations Where Oral Surgeons Are Best to Consider:

Oral surgeons have expertise in oral surgical practice, and they do a wide array of complicated dental procedures. They spend an extra 4-8 years in oral surgery after getting training in general dentistry. General dentists can do dental implants; however, some patients require additional procedures like bone grafting or ridge augmentation. In such cases, it is necessary to opt for an oral surgeon.

It is better to choose an oral surgeon for an implant procedure in most situations. However, in some cases, it is nearly essential. Such conditions require additional skills that an oral surgeon is best to consider. For instance, when patients need bone grafting, their tooth has been lost due to trauma.

Bone grafting is a procedure that builds new bones by borrowing the bone from another body part. It is for patients who do not have healthy jawbones to support the implant. A sinus lift has to be done before implant placement in some circumstances. This type of bone graft is quite challenging, and only an oral surgeon can perform it successfully.

Similarly, when the patient loses a tooth due to trauma, it can cause damage to the surrounding bone structure. It can also cause problems in the sinuses or mandibular joints. General dentists are usually unfamiliar with noticing the damages done by a traumatic experience. Therefore, it is best to opt for an oral surgeon to fix these issues before implanting.


Are Oral Surgeons More Specialized Than General Dentists?

The answer is yes. Oral surgeons have great expertise in doing surgical and other complex procedures. They are more specialized in doing implant surgery than general dentists. It means that oral surgeons are more likely to finish the implant procedure quickly and reduce the risk of complications.

Moreover, oral surgeons offer more anesthetic options, especially when patients require multiple implants. General dentists may not always provide these options to facilitate the patient.


Final Word:

Some general dentists can easily perform the implant procedure after additional training in the field. However, there are times when something goes wrong during the procedure, or an unexpected challenge might arise. In such a case, they cannot handle it properly, leading to some difficulty.

On the other hand, Oral surgeons know how to handle a dental emergency in a complex procedure. They know how to respond quickly and perform advanced procedures as required. If you are interested to learn more about dental services in Contra Costa dental implants, reach out to us by scheduling an appointment.