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You Will Surely Be Successful If These 3 Personality Get Agreed

You will surely be successful if these 3 personality get agreed


You will surely be successful if these 3 personality get agreed

We all strive for success, everyone wants to achieve extreme success. We all work hard and use our intellect to succeed, but in most cases, success does not come as we expected. We repeatedly try to figure out why we are failing or why success is not coming. I would like to introduce to three people with you, if you talk to them in the right way, can make them agree you can overcome any obstacle and move on towards success.


Strengthening the foundation is crucial for any ultimate success and only these three people can build that foundation for you. Surely there is a lot of suspense about who these three people are, where to find them! Don't worry, I will introduce you to them but you have to take the responsibility of convincing them by talking to them in the right way. It's very straightforward, but because we have no real idea about it, we get demotivated when there is a small obstacle in the way of success and we give up. 


If there is a disagreement between these three people, you will not be able to set goals properly, success is a long way off. These three are needed from the very beginning, that is, when you are going to make a decision to achieve something or to set a goal. Any one of these three personalities can play a major role whenever wants but it is very important to bring these three in balance to create success.


A significant percentage of students, business people or government employees lose interest in their field because they do not set goals properly. To walk the path without a specific goal, their Powerful Subconscious Mind cannot act on their behalf.  The subconscious mind does not know what to do until a clear picture is created. 


We all dream big or dream of creating extraordinary success and think how we will fulfill that dream or reach the goal in the future. Sometimes a voice comes from within us that we can't do big things or sometimes we get the feeling that 'you want to do big things but you don't have an exact action plan or strategy'. 


However, all are anxious to get to know these three people, let's find out who they are. In fact, they are none other than the three persons present in me and you. Yes, I will describe them as three persons, you can call them the three forms of our minds


The first of these three is 'Dreamer': This dreamer is present in every human being. He dreams about what kind of life we ​​will have in future life, what we will achieve in life, our level of  happiness, what kind of person we will love, what kind of car we will have, how much wealth we will create, what will be our name & fame, respect. That is, what level of success we will create, what kind of life we will live in the future, the dreamer among us dreams of. This dream makes us feel great and we also try to chase after those dreams at the beginning but after a while we give up all hope of fulfilling our dream and try to settle down somewhere. Our self-confidence is shattered, self-doubts arise about our own merits, our own abilities. 


Now I come to the second person, 'the realist': This majesty person is physically present in us and is constantly working to guide us in the right path. He is engaged in trying to keep us steadfast in fulfilling the dream of the dreamer. This realist keeps on trying to make all the dreams we see come true. He connects our emotions with our dreams. Realist always wants all our dreams to come true, helping us to create specific action plans and strategies so that we do not run towards goals based on conjecture. He wants us to have a concrete process so that our dreams come true. 

Coming to the third person i.e. 'critics': This critic is present in us who does critical analysis of our dreams and he does it for our good. He tries to show us before our eyes what obstacles will come in the way of fulfilling our dreams, what complications may arise. We usually try to suppress this third person by listening to different motivational speakers or watching motivational videos, not trying to hear or understand him. But if we listen to it carefully, we will always be ready for the obstacles in our path, we will be able to find the right resources that are needed to create our success.