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How To Guide And Behave With Your Teenagers In The Right Way As A Parent

How to guide and behave with  your teenagers in the right way as a parent

How to guide and behave with  your teenagers in the right way as a parent

In today's world every parent is very worried about their teenager. Being a parent, are you not worried about one of the following!

  • The child's/ teenager's education. 
  • Child's physical and mental development.
  • Guiding the child in the right direction and reaching the perfect goal.
  • In the heyday of social media and gaming, how to keep the child away from these.
  • During adolescence, the attraction towards the outside world, i.e. friends, clubs increases.
  • Teenagers are now increasingly prone to drinking and smoking.
  • Tendency to underage sex and the possibility of sexual abuse.
  • Turning away from nutritious home made vegetables they are more attracted to junk food and spicy and tasty readymade foods.
  • Increasing anger and stubbornness.


Every parents must be think for the progress and development of child, but must remember that their thinking must not go to the point of anxiety. The first  and foremost duty of a parent is to guide the teenagers in the right direction. It is also the responsibility of the parents to make the child aware of the world as the child sees the light of the world through them. Perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world for a parent is to see his or her child can move forward on the right path in life with great confidence and determination after left alone. 

When a child learns to walk on his own two feet, he walks with confidence, parents are become happy to see him, their minds are filled with joy, just as if a teenager is on the right path and has confidence towards his/her goals, towards establishing himself/ herself, his/ her parents are filled with pride and joy.


The minds of each and every one of us, from children to the elderly, wander from hither and thither. Our mind receives billions of bits of information every second, but out of them processes and register very small fraction of them.  As adults, we all know what we should and shouldn't register in our mind, but many bad habits, bad news, bad events which disturb us are registered in our minds and we carry it. Now think of a child or teenager, their logical mind is not well developed, their experience is also very low, naturally what is attractive to them, give instant pleasure will quickly register in their mind. 


One of our extraordinary and incomparable qualities, as human beings is the curiosity, the curiosity of understanding something new. From infants to teenagers this level of interest is extra. Adults are able to understand what is good and what is bad through various experiences and thus control their own interests.  No teenagers restrains interest or wants to do so or they have such experience to do so.  On the contrary, until they are able to unravel the mystery or find out something like them, they get excited about things. The last two years, especially since the Covid 19 Pandemic Situation, have had a profound effect on the mental and physical health of everyone from children to teenagers, which we as parents have rarely realized. In some cases, however, these can be perceived as an increase in the severity of the child and they are using it in a negative way. The tendency of committing suicide among teenagers are increasing day by day.


Almost every family in the present age suffers from the problems of teenagers.  Getting teenagers out from here is not a big deal. Really serious problem is to get teenagers out of such situations,out of such negatives, the way we use them, the way we live our lives, the way we behave with them. Adolescents are unlikely to change their minds unless their parents change their behavior and thinking. Parents will follow the usual way, give priority to their likes and dislikes, and try to impose restrictions on their children and they will have to follow their instructions, then they will go astray. 


These are small but very important points I will discuss that every parent should consciously pay attention to. Remember that  any pressure or counseling will not work unless you change these little things about yourself and your home environment. 


How to guide and behave with  your teenagers