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Why Is Self-reflection Crucial For Personal Development?

Why is self-reflection crucial for personal development?


Why is self-reflection crucial for personal development?

What is self- reflection?

We can call 'self-reflection' the mirror of our mind , which creates our crystal-clear image and gives detailed explanations about us. Through self-reflection we can find out our strengths - weaknesses, our skills, what our problems and solutions are, what we have achieved or what we can achieve in future, whether we are happy or sad, our likes and dislikes, etc. Only self-reflection can guide you in the right direction of personal development. 


Why is self-reflection is crucial?

Just as we need a competent and impartial judge to run the judiciary and get justice, so we need such a judge for personal development in our lives. But the problem is that no one from outside can judge this impartially, because everyone has differences of mind, thought process, perception, beliefs, values, physiological state, so the personal internal representation of an event at any given moment is bound to vary person to person. 

It is neither possible for an outsider to understand fully what is going on in your mind and how you are thinking, nor is it possible to judge correctly. So the only impartial judge in your life is self-reflection that will never do any injustice. The importance of self-reflection is immense to make you aware of whether you are on the right path to fulfill your goal, what are your good qualities and what are your bad qualities. 

You can't focus on personal development until you understand where you are now, how far you have come, what skills you have, what you have done well.


Self-reflection helps you to identify what skills you need to develop, in which areas you need to develop more in your life; you can just understand whether your focus is on the right goals, how much confidence you have.


This will help you to understand more if you are procrastinating unnecessarily, how much persistence you need to have. Through self-reflection you can understand whether your behavior, your actions, are centered on personal development or just the opposite. Without self-reflection one cannot organize one's thoughts, actions and self-control will never be possible.


Only self-reflection can judge perfectly - your self-identity, your current situation, whether you are doing something good, what is your rate of progress which are deeply involved in your personal development. 


We have learned the importance of self-reflection in personal development. Let us now know how to properly evaluate oneself through self-reflection. It works best when properly structured.

The first thing you need to do is to make the self-reflection a part your practice; talk to the three personalities presence within you, i.e., your dreamer, realist and critics, and listen to them clearly, then set a specific goal and formulate a strategy. Although mirrors can create the opposite image of you, these three personalities within you will never reverse your reflection. I discussed in the article 'You will surely be successful if these 3 personality get agreed' how to bring this personality together.