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Which Is More Important To Stand In The Marriage Life

Which is more important to stand in the marriage life

Which is more important to stand in the marriage life

Marriage is defined as the legal or social union of two persons, especially a man and a woman, as partners in a personal relationship. 'Marriage' is the other name for a relationship, where two persons acknowledge each other in mutual consent. This bond is a relationship of legal and social responsibility towards each other. It is usually an interpersonal relationship where primarily sexually recognized or approved, but marriage is more than a physical bond, forms of spiritual and emotional bonding

Why marriage is important: 
The relationship in the name of marriage is the beginning of the family and grows together in selflessness. A good marriage relationship gives you a good friend, a life partner who will be with you forever. Through this bond one gets close to someone who loves unselfishly, trusts completely, accepts co-operations, and sincerely and supports everything. 
Everyone in human life should have a person who will be by their side in happiness and sorrow, who will be the companion of success and failure. In the progress of one's life, for happiness, peace, mental strength, such a life partner is desperately needed. An all-time partner in life makes a person a lot more energetic, guides anyone in the right direction, gives him/her the mental strength to correct mistakes and move forward. There are companions in married life who promise to be by each other's side.

Reasons that lead to broken marriages:
Not every marriage becomes eternal, heavenly and beautiful. Sometimes this relationship becomes just formal and remains the relationship by the name it remains. Many couples in this modern age are struggling to save their marriages as well as the divorce rate is quite significant. Many couples have a tendency to struggle but to retain the relationship; many are directly separated again. If you look a little further back, that is, in the early 1900's, you can see that the chances of getting to know each other before getting married were scarce. After looking at it for a moment or two, they had to decide and choose their life partner. Even if a completely new person had to be accepted as a life partner, then divorce would not happen so much. Obligation as well as domination was a thing of the past, but human beings had a lot of flexibility, the ability to adapt to each other, and tolerance. 

In this modern age, with the pressures of work, people are losing patience in financial struggles. There is also the pursuit of endless entertainment and the greed to rise up quickly by cheating each other. Many options are available even to satisfy physical hunger. For all these reasons, people are reluctant to be flexible. Basically, all of these things create more common causes that lead to marital discord and break up the marriage, e.g.
 Lack of trust.
 Not taking proper responsibility.
 Not taking genuine interest to each other.
 Lack of honesty.
 Criticizing and blaming each other.
 Marital crisis, physiological factors.
 Neglecting and disrespecting each other.


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Which is more important to stand in the marriage life