Get Your Tyres Repaired At A Reasonable Cost

When your gadget doesn’t work correctly, then you try to seek the help of a repairer instead of replacing them with the new one. This is common psychology. The same happens with the tyre of your car, if it starts showing some unusual signs of dysfunctioning, then you go to a mechanic to find out what went wrong. After analyzing the fault, the person will tell you whether it can be repaired or not. If it gets fixed, then the question arises, what will be the overall cost incurred in the process?

For the apparent reason, the repair process is more economical than replacing. So, let’s find out in which cases the tyre can be repaired.

In which case a puncture can be repaired?

If there is a small hole in the tread of the tyre, and you had noticed it early, and have not driven when the tyre went flat, then, the possibility of its repair is there. 

It is possible to repair tyre in the following situations. Have a quick check. When:

  • The puncture happens in the middle three-quarters of the tyre tread

  • The tread depth is 1.6mm or above

  • Previously no hole has been repaired in proximity to the current puncture.


More importantly, a tyre cannot be repaired in the following conditions:


  • The sidewall of the tyre gets ruptured

  • The tyre tread or the rubber in the tyre gets damaged

  • The tyre gets damaged when you’re driving on it while flat.


In such a case you can choose your new set of tyres from different tyres brand.

Can a bulge in the tyre be repaired?

When a bulge in the tyre is noticed, then it clearly shows that it is a sign of structural weakness that occurs in the load-bearing part of the rubber. It is advisable to replace tyres online in this scenario. 

Can a tyre with a nail be repaired?

The answer is yes; the tyre with a nail engrossed in it can be repaired, but a nail puncture ought to be spotted as it occurs. 

Can a sealant be used to repair a tyre?

A sealant is the temporary solution for the damage. When your tyre gets punctured, then application of a sealant on it is made to land you safely to your destination. But, it’s not a permanent solution.

When you’re at a remote location, and there are no shops nearby, then a sealant can be your saviour; only for a short span. 

We have discussed in detail above, in what situations your tyre can be repaired. How can it be done? Now, the most indispensable question arises: what is the reasonable price of getting your tyre fixed?

Let’s have a look at

How much does a tyre repair cost?

The total cost depends on the depth of damage. Run-flat tyres require immediate replacement.

You can have tyre plug kits which are not too expensive; they will cost you around 8-15 pounds.

If you are looking for a temporary solution like a sealant, then it will be around 8-12 pounds. 

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Get your tyres immediately repaired. Don't worry about the expenditure; try to research more to get it fixed.