Don’t Make These App Mock-up Mistakes! — Tips By Rnf Technologies

Realized that you need a mobile app to boost your business’ visibility and customer support capabilities? Ideally, the first step should be to create a mock-up of how you want the app to look and the features you want to include in it. During this step, the color schemes, the number of pages it will have, as well as the subscription model of the app are also determined. 

As you can see, this phase is critical. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the decisions you make during this stage will ultimately determine whether your mobile app will succeed or fail in the market. 

Sadly, many end up making rookie mistakes while building a mock-up of a mobile app, which has a massive impact on the end result. To help you avoid such a debacle, RNF Technologies highlights some of the mistakes so that you can steer clear from them:

Mistake #1: Not taking every screen into account 

When we talk about making a rudimentary design of your app, we mean that one should take into consideration every page, not just the home page! This includes the new account sign-up page, the reset password screen, as well as the customer support screen. 

Even if each of them looks similar, every screen should ideally have a representation of its own so that confusion is averted during the actual app-building process. Not doing so can lead to your app looking spammy and distorted. You may also end up wasting valuable time by not having crystal-clear mock-ups of your entire app for the development team. 

However, this does not mean that you should make the entire mock-up extremely complicated and lengthy. Just a simple layout of each should do. 

Mistake #2: Too many buttons

Left spaces for CTA buttons everywhere? That’s a huge mistake! You may end up with an app that looks scammy, fraudulent, and fishy. Navigation can become extremely confusing if you have too many buttons and links. 

To avoid this, make sure that every page is logically and cohesively connected in your mock-up. This way, users will be able to navigate from one screen to another effortlessly.

Mistake #3: No information about core features

So, you have an idea for a great app that helps solve a big problem. That’s great! But if you don’t include a quick 3-4 screen demo for new users on how to use your app, they may end up extremely frustrated. 

Even highlighting the main buttons on the first page of the app goes a long way in leading the users in the right direction. So, make sure that you consider this while making your mock-up. 

These few pointers will help you to build an app that not only looks amazing but is also a breeze to use! By working with an app development company, you can ensure that all the essential features are considered in the initial phases of the app-building process. After you’re done, do take feedback from a sample of your target audience before you launch it!