How To Make Money Online During Lockdown?

This year 2020 is becoming very difficult for all types of business owners and employees because of this pandemic COVID-19. Almost every country has to impose lockdown in their country and because of this business get affected (mainly offline) but there are so many online businesses which cannot be affected by the pandemic and anybody can start these online businesses as well. Below I am going to list all the type of businesses which you can also start.

Start freelancing: If you have any skills like video editing, Coding, Content writing & similar skills which you can do on your personal laptop then you can start freelancing on so many online platforms like Upwork,, Pay Per Hour & so. It is really easy to register themselves on these platforms & getting clients. For this, you only need skill, a laptop & a working internet connection.

Earn money from YouTube: YouTube is a platform where you can search for any type of content. There are so many people who post different contents like reaction videos, your views on something, Knowledge about your profession, Vlog, Travel videos & so on. You can also be one of them. You can teach your skill in which you have mastery or you can also start vlogging or your reaction channels. For this, you only need your phone or laptop with an internet connection & basic video editing skills.

Start a blog: There are 900 million to 1.7 billion websites on the internet with a different type of subject or niche. If you also own a website then you can earn money through Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, Guest posting & so on. If you don’t own any blog then it is really easy to start a blog. You can learn it from YouTube or any other platform.

Start Drop Shipping: You can also start drop shipping. In this, you just need to buy any product & sell it with your own profit. You can sell it through your YouTube channel, Shopify website, or other ways. You can import your products from china at the lowest price & sell it on your website or through

Be an Amazon seller: If you don’t wish to start drop-shipping then you can also be an Amazon seller. In your area, if anybody is making any kind of great product which you can ship to anywhere without any hassle then you can be an Amazon. Seller.