What Are The Things To Look For When Hiring An Agency Rendering Seo Services In Hamilton?

According to a report produced by Clutch. co, there are more than 17,378 marketing agencies and advertising firms worldwide. Out of 17,378, more than 10,000 present search engine optimization services. So, it becomes hard to know which SEO company Christchurch meets your requirements. This article explores ten things to ask an SEO prospect before hiring a marketing agency. Let’s get started with no ados. 

Keep reading to know what to look for in an SEO company in Christchurch. 

Go for an expert

Though 10,000 marketing firms present SEO, we would ask you to choose an agency that presents SEO. Don’t go for that simply offers search engine optimization services with no specialized knowledge. Hire one with SEO as the focal point, and primary service of the marketing firm. 

We strongly believe that if you’re a jack of all marketing activities, you specialize in none. Look for an SEO company Christchurch in NZ that presents a couple of services. SEO should be the primary service offered by the marketing agency. 

Check out the skilled one. 

We would ask you to look for an SEO marketing firm with more than ten years of experience under the sleeve. It ensures that the marketing agency has had enough to purifyand upgrade the quality of services. While most SEO agencies fizzle in the first five years of struggle, only the fit ones survive it. Go for a marketing agency rendering SEO Services in Hamilton for the last ten years. It’s because it has the potential to weather the wind and face challenges that come in its way. The experience gets measured in terms of loyalty, performance, and results. 

Ask experts to produce case studies, preferably from the same area where you work. An SEO case study should include data in the key parameters as follows. 

  • Organic visibility
  • Organic Goal accomplishments
  • Rankings
  • Additional SEO data from My Business should cover KPIs as follows. 
  • Map visibility
  • Search visibility
  • Click for call 
  • Click for directions

The performance of the parameters should vary from one instance to another. It varies due to company size. The best SEO company Christchurch in NZ looks for a 50% to 300% expansion across multiple KPIs.


When it comes to company reviews, you should look for quality and quantity. We would ask you to look for marketing firms that come with at least 300 Google reviews. Reviews would date back for a minimum of five years. 

Be wary of a company that got reviewed over a short span. It is more so when all the reviews come with a five-star rating. A reliable SEO marketing firm would have mixed reviews over a long time. Check whether the reviews have 1% to 2% negatives. Go for an SEO agency in Wellington in NZ with a 4.5 rating or more. 

A well-structured SEO marketing plan starts with an on-site SEO. It is why you should ask an SEO prospect what an on-site SEO should look like. Do they carry a checklist?

What are the elements checked by them during the online campaign? 

Retention rate

The final question that you should ask when outsourcing SEO Services in Hamilton is the customer retention rate. For a marketing firm with a 94% retention rate, it should work with employees for more than 22 months.