Best Tools Of Digital Marketing In 2020

Digital marketing tools help businesses to record their marketing exercise in budget and bring efforts into results on social media platforms, websites and email campaigns. Digital marketing tools are essential to analyze and check the adaptability of the campaigns run by a marketer. These tools are the backbone of the digital marketing industry.Let’s find the best tools for digital marketing in 2020, both paid and free.



This tool is basically a customer service tool commonly known as Chatbox or Chatbots that everyone is trying to get it. Chatbots enables marketers to make interactions with consumers’ or viewers 24/7. Earlier, there was a need to have someone sit all day on the computer to answer the questions and queries of a prospective customer. But now the time has changed. You can now implement a chatbot system to your website/platform which can automate the conversations.
SnatchBot is a tool that can be created for free and without coding experience. With a range of 50 templates, the tool is easy to use that can be created for any type of business. This tool can also be formed by applying artificial intelligence or on the customized format.



A lot of individuals and companies work on different Social media platforms to provide customer support, engage with important feeds, reply to texts, etc. But it’s not easy to operate each platform at once such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So what if there is a solution? Well, there is. Hootsuite is a digital manager that allows you to manage all social media accounts in one place. It’s quick, easy and can save you a lot of time. Hootsuite is used by 16 million users in 175+ countries all over the world. By using the tool, you can assist content by means of tagging, searching and by using statistics. It refines social conversations in terms of keywords, hashtags and location. It enables the users to differentiate the content on usage stats basis and is a wonderful tool to analyse campaigns. The advanced and paid version manage all social media accounts, messages and lots more while the free version manages up to three different accounts. Hootsuite provides 30-day free trial in order to use, understand and make your decision to purchase it.



If you are doing SEO for your website, you can’t miss out on using great and Powerful tools, such as Ahrefs. It’s a paid tool but ensures a clear path to drive a website on the first page of a Search engine. Ahrefs has got many features such as Competitor Analysis, Backlink research, Web monitoring, keyword research, and a lot more. It provides a clear report with relevant information that why competitors are ranked better. It also provides tips and strategic plan to beat the competition and rank on top.
Its outstanding features positioned it in the category of best tools for digital marketing in 2020.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free enveloped digital marketing tool that provides a global analysis of a website. Apart from providing the information that which content is liked more by users it also categorizes the information in terms of the campaign, country and many more. You can see which keyword is ranking more, can help you identify which one of your website’s pages or links are the most visited ones, from which platforms your visitors are coming from, and a lot of other features. It’s a must-have tool for you as you can create your own report and strategy by looking up all the statistics. Also, it’s a free tool so that’s a no brainer.



KWFinder by Mangools is a powerful and paid tool that helps in searching for keywords. This tool enriches the user with a simple and advance solution in a form of data which helps both beginners and professionals. The search result in this tool is equipped with keywords that are in trend. It also informs about seasonal and hot topic keywords. It has data of more than 50,000 locations that help the users to find long and particular keywords for geographical locations. KWFinder is a store of most exact keywords that are suitable for effective SEO. Most international brands like Adidas, Delloite and Alexa have faith in this magnificent tool. The basket of best tools for digital marketing in 2020 is incomplete without KWfinder.



Hotjar is a dynamic tool which is formed with a combination of a wide range of features like visitors data entry, Heatmaps, build analytics and provides feedback and conversation funnels. It is a paid and free tool with stunning features in a free plan that works only up to 2000 visitors. This tool helps marketers to see that which page of the website is more popular and which are not liked, this is an important source for making changes in which part of content or design of a website to make it more popular.



The year 2020 will come up with improved IT solutions which will take the digital marketing industry to higher levels, eventually helping businesses increase their reach and add more revenue. So stay updated with the best tools of digital marketing in 2020.