Grab The Coherent Customer Aid From Microsoft About My Hotmail Account

Microsoft is one of the renowned platforms to engage with because it has lots and many products to get along with. Thus, for email purposes, you have Outlook as well as Hotmail to create an account and get with the further onscreen prompts. However, if the Microsoft user gets access to the Hotmail account and is still not getting through with the log-in issues or much more like password change, then under such circumstances, you are supposed to get along with the below-mentioned section because when you gather information for change of password or recover the account then method wise, you could read the following page for the appropriate references.

Specific ways to follow and retrieve a Hotmail account: Here, you will use method-wise mediums because then you will get access to account recovery, which will include certain mediums like alternate phone number code, email, security questions, etc.

Method: 1. Recover Hotmail account via alternate phone number:

  • Firstly, you are required to visit Hotmail's official site page account
  • Then, select the log-in tab and enter the Hotmail ID/username under the required field
  • Now click the continue button, and you are at the password page. Tap over the forgot password icon
  • Next, here you have to select the recovery option and select the phone number
  • You receive the recovery code for your password change on the alternate phone number
  • Mention the code under the required field, and you will then be able to get along with the option for a new and confirmed password.
  • Once you complete the password change, you are required to proceed with specific other prompts.

Method: 2. Hotmail account recovery through alternate email address:

  • To recover a Hotmail account, first, you need to open the Hotmail official log-in page
  • Now, proceed by mentioning the username/ID and tap the continue button
  • Next, select forgot password tab, and you are supposed to then head with the selection of the alternative email option
  • Enter the alternate email, and you will have the recovery code sent to the email
  • Pick the code and mention it under the required field, and you then have to change the password.

Can I recover my Microsoft Hotmail account through security questions?

Yes, a Microsoft Hotmail account could be recovered not only with the help of an alternate phone number or email, but you could also use the security questions. Once you answer all the necessary questions for Hotmail account recovery and enter the answer in the required field, you will receive the option to attain the best set of help for the option to change the password for your Hotmail account.

Hopefully, after you have retrieved the Hotmail account, you will use any of the alternate ways discussed. But if you are still getting bothered, then you are supposed to use the different contact options because once you have details for How can I contact Microsoft about my Hotmail account? Then, you are required to go with the customer representative option, and you will get in touch with the executive, and you will be able to recover appropriately.