How To Lower The Chance That Your Fingerprints Will Be Rejected?

How to Lower the Chance That Your Fingerprints Will Be Rejected?

Fingerprint recognition has become an integral part of modern security systems, from unlocking smartphones to accessing sensitive data. However, there may be instances when your fingerprints are rejected, causing inconvenience and frustration. At this point, people get confused about why this happens.

So, in order to let everyone know about this, we are here with this amazing blog. Through this, they will get to know how they can successfully register their fingerprints with the help of Calgary fingerprinting services NE and lower the chance of being rejected.

Let’s start by knowing about those ways that will help us register the fingerprints successfully and minimize the likelihood of rejection:

  • Try to Use Dry and Clean Fingers

Fingers that are filthy or moist are one of the main causes of fingerprint rejection. So, before making any attempt at fingerprint identification, people should make sure that their fingertips are tidy and dry. The fingers usually do not need to have oils, mud, or moisture that might obstruct the scanning process and result in a refusal.

  • Scan Through Several Finger Angles

Another way for people to reduce the likelihood of their fingerprints being rejected is to experiment with different angles rather than sticking to one. This attempt by them not only improves the chances of successful recognition regardless of how their finger is placed on the sensor.

  • Try to Maintain Consistent Pressure

People should remember that while registering their fingerprints, they have to manage their accuracy. It’s because this will make their process of registration quite convenient, and people will be able to handle their process without facing any chances of getting their fingerprints rejected.

  • Try to Register Multiple Fingers

Sometimes, people face the problem that even after successful registration, their fingerprints won’t be successful. So, to avoid facing this problem, they should try to register more than one fingerprint on the sensor. By doing this, people will not face any difficulty with fingerprint rejection, as they can use their other fingers if one of their fingers isn’t able to be detected by the sensor.

  • Should Retry if get Rejected

Even after successful registration, people face the difficulty of having their fingerprints rejected. Then they should wait for some time and then try again, as it may be that the device is slowly working. So, after getting the rejection of their fingerprints, people should try again after a few seconds or minutes to avoid this problem.

  • While Registering Rotate the Finger Properly

This is also the thing that people should do while taking the help of Calgary fingerprinting services NE to get the registration done. People should rotate their fingers properly on the sensor so that the finger impression will be registered successfully and they will not face any problems.

  • Avoid Frequent Washing & Scrubbing of Hands

People should avoid the habit of frequently washing and sanitizing their hands just before scanning their fingers. It’s because the scanner would not be able to get the exact fingerprint and would surely reject that. And this may cause problems for people, as they won’t be able to do their work quickly, even if they are in a hurry.


Knowing the above things, if you still have difficulty registering your fingerprints successfully, then you should get in touch with Anzac Security today. You can seek proper assistance from professionals over there, who will surely try to make the fingerprinting process convenient for you.