Job Or Business: How To Deal With The Biggest Dilemma Via Astrology?

Job or Business: How to deal with the Biggest Dilemma via Astrology?

Youth are synonymous to energy, enthusiasm and courage. This is the age when people think of new ideas and future plannings, however, not everyone is blessed with such luck. People often face a dilemma in choosing their career between business and service/job. One should definitely rely upon astrology to get an answer to this as despite putting in more than 100% effort in the profession you choose, you may end up losing the game. 

We had a talk with Jyotish Visharad and Pravina Nupur Chaurasia and got to know about the significance of planets in one’s professional life and how one can achieve the right career with the help of astrology. Contact us for Astrology Consultation on Phone Call

While an individual’s birth chart is the blueprint of his/her life, Astrologer Nupur Chaurasia says that Karma is the ultimate healer. If you are spiritual, have faith in god and follow the finest behaviour, the chances of getting the desired result increases. Deeds performed in one’s well being without harming anyone else can be considered as a positive point in your bucket.

Astrological planets’ position is highly related to the things happening in one’s life. Every single planet is the significator of one of the Hindu deities and hence, worshipping them increases your chances of experiencing a better life. 

Planet Mercury’s weak position doesn’t let a person think tactfully and smartly and such people aren’t meant to go for business. However a Mercury accompanied by the Sun creates an authoritative role and makes the individual independent. On the other hand, Saturn and Mars or Rahu-Ketu are considered good for jobs and a good position in the communities and circles. 

Let’s talk about the planetary houses in a birth chart and how they can influence the career of the native.

  • 3rd House:

Third house represents one’s courage and risk taking capabilities. If a person has higher risk taking capabilities then he/she may flourish in business. It also signifies native’s confidence regarding the decisions.

  • 5th House:

The risks factors involved in educational life are indicated in the 5th house of a birth chart. It is the significator of knowledge, intelligence and education. It also lets the native have a better speculation power and if the position of the house is benefic, it’ll bring prosperity while in business.

  • 6th House:

The 6th house supports an individual with finances and advances. A businessman or entrepreneur is often in need of funds to sustain their business. They may seek loan from banks or angel investors and hence, the well position of 6th house lets them do the same. 

  • 7th House:

A businessman should have multiple connections with other business professionals, government authorities and activists. Having professional tie ups and relations are very important for a business to grow. The 7th house represents the same and its position will influence the professional partnerships of the native.

  • 9th House:

The 9th house brings luck and prosperity to the native’s life depending upon the planet staying in it. It also keeps a tab on the money and expenses. The benefic side of this house lets the native travel around the world and establish a dignity position among others. Such people possess good relations and partnerships with government authorities as well.

  • 10th House:

The 10th house lets the native participate in social activities and establish social connections. It lets one have an authoritative status and a person will be able to take risks and decisions. The positive side of the 10th house brings name, fame, gains from lands, creates additional sources of income, etc. 

  • 11th House:

The 11th house brings better finance related gains. It keeps a regular flow of income which is very important for sustaining life no matter if the person is in business or job.

While all these points may let you make a wise decision between job and business, it is always better to have a consultation with an experienced astrologer. Nupur Chaurasia is an astrologer and has attained one of the highest degrees in astrology. You can consult her by booking a slot for yourself on or you can follow her on social media with her handle @astronupur.