How Do I Verify My Google Account Without My Old Phone?

You want to verify the Google account without your old phone, but you are getting some issues while doing it because you don’t have sufficient and appropriate knowledge about how to do this. For this, you seek to verify the Google Account without an old phone; for that, you should consider the below content. Here you will get a few steps to verify a Google account without using an old phone easily:

Try to sign in to your account: When you try to sign in, Google will ask you to enter your password and a verification code. If you can't access your phone, try another way to sign in.

Enter your recovery email address: If you added a recovery email address to your account, you can use it to receive a verification code.

Enter your security question answers: If you put up security questions while logging in, answer them correctly. Also, you can use them to answer a few questions to prove that you are the account owner.

Provide other information about your account: If you can't remember your password or security questions, you can try to provide other information about your account, such as the date you created it, the last time you logged in, or the devices you've used to access it.

If you still need help verifying your account, contact Google support for help. To reach out to them, get through the below content.

How to contact Google support for account recovery?

Want to contact Google Customer Service for account recovery but don’t know how to do this, for that, you should consider the below steps that are:

1.     Navigate the https // for help 

2.     On that page, down the page to the contact support section, tap on it

3.     And seek the Google support number and proceed to call on 1-866-2-Google (1-866-246-6453) / 1-650-955-6653 

4.     When the agent picks up your call, readily speak to them, ask what you want to attire help

5.     Request for account recovery; they will share the best options to sort out all kinds of difficulties.

How to recover a Gmail password without recovery email and phone number?

Recovering a Gmail password without a recovery email or phone number can be challenging, as these are the primary methods Google uses to verify your identity.

Visit the Gmail account recovery page: Go to the Gmail login page ( and click the "Need help?" link below the login form. Additionally, it will take you to the Google recovery page.

Provide your Gmail address: Enter your Gmail address for the account you want to recover. If you don't remember the address, try any other email address you might have used.

Pawl on the "Forgot password" section: when the account recovery page opens, you must seek for the "Forgot password" column and select it. This will initiate the recovery process.

Answer security questions (if available): If you previously set up security questions for your account, Google may present them to you for verification. 

Enter an approximate creation date: If you need to remember when you created your Gmail account, you may be asked to provide an approximate date. 

Provide any additional information: Google may ask for any other details associated with the account, such as frequently contacted email addresses, labels used, or other relevant information. 

Try a previous password: If you remember any previous passwords, enter them when prompted. This can help Google verify your ownership of the account.

Check for account recovery options: If the previous steps didn't provide successful results, Google might provide additional recovery options based on your provided information. These can include account recovery via an alternate email or number.

Contact Google support: If you still can't recover your account, contact Google support directly. Visit the Google Account Help Center and follow the instructions to contact their support team.