Shipping Your Car Overseas: Everything You Need To Know!

Shipping Your Car Overseas: Everything You Need To Know!

Are you moving overseas and looking for a car shipping service? OSS World Wide Movers provides a high quality safe and secure vehicle shipping service, which ensures the highest level of protection for your car during the international shipping process.

With over 50 years of experience in international shipping and relocation services, OSS World Wide Movers will assist you in making an informed decision when shipping car overseas.

OSS understands that you may have a sentimental attachment to your vehicle, whether that be of family history or memories with your car. The reason for shipping your car overseas might be that the specific make and model of your car isn’t available in your international destination. If you do plan to move permanently, shipping your car overseas together with your household goods means you’ll have the comfort of driving your own car soon after you arrive.

Your OSS move consultant will be able to provide guidance on the practicalities of an imported car.  Depending on the age and value of your vehicle and your intended destination, it may be more sensible to sell your car prior to moving. Some international destinations have strict environmental regulations based on factors such as the age of the car and distance travelled; meanwhile other countries impose import charges and duties, no matter the type of vehicle.

Further factors to consider when shipping your car overseas is where you’ll park it in your new place of residence, and the cost of maintenance. The cost of paying for parking and storage may not be cost-effective and might influence your decision in shipping your car overseas with your household goods. There’s also the risk that your car will require maintenance or repairs due to an accident or mechanical failure, make sure to consider the financial implications of paying for international parts and upkeep.

At OSS we offer both short-term and long-term storage options for vehicles, sealed in containers or on the warehouse floor depending on your requirements. There are also options for periodical vehicle turnover services, to ensure that your car will be fully operational for you return. If you’re relocating overseas for a short period storing your car with OSS rather than with a friend or family, may be good alternative to shipping your car overseas.

OSS World Wide Movers is one of the largest international moving companies in Australia and as a specialist in international shipping overseas; OSS will be able to help with the car shipping process. Contact us today to speak with an OSS move consultant and start the process of shipping your car overseas.