Does Child Support Go Down After Kids Leave Daycare In Florida?

The need for learning centers grew decades ago because of dual-earning households. Daycares provide a place where children can be watched due to family members working. Once kids stop attending a program, many parents are relieved to save money. If you pay child support, you might wonder if it goes down after your kids leave daycare. Jacobs Law Firm, a family law attorney in Orlando, will explain this situation.


You can file for child support modification in Orlando if expenses become lower. Paying less in daycare costs would fall under this category. To get child support modification, you need to have “A Change in Circumstances.”


Pre-school-aged children often attend daycare full-time if both parents work. As kids go to elementary school, they may go to a facility before or after their classes. Switching to part-time daycare often lowers expenses. Contact our Florida family lawyers if your kids are spending less time in daycare. We can evaluate your case to see if you’re eligible for child support modification. Our Orlando office works with either parent who feels payment amounts need to change.


If your kids are older and no longer attend daycare, there are likely much lower expenses. The change in circumstances needs to meet specific requirements. For child support modification, the costs need to be 15% or $50 less than your payments. The last time you had your court order reviewed also plays a role. If you haven’t revisited your child support in over three years, the amount is 10% or $25 less. Change of circumstances involving daycare and modifications can get confusing. Our Orlando family law attorneys are here to help you figure out if you’re paying too much in child support.


Sometimes, kids stop going to daycare but have other people watching them. Therefore, the change of circumstances may not meet the financial requirements. That’s why it’s best to have a Florida family lawyer file for child support modification. Our family law attorney Orlando, Florida will carefully look at the previous daycare costs. We’ll compare the new childcare expenses and calculate the support payments. After a case evaluation, we can determine if you meet the requirements. Our family lawyers will petition the circuit courts for child support modification. The change of circumstances needs to be proven before a Florida judge, who will review the order.


Contact us if you have any questions regarding daycare and child support in Orlando, FL. You can also schedule a consultation with Jacobs Law Firm to discuss modifications.