Learn And Know The Language Of Flowers

Learn and Know the Language of Flowers

When it comes to choosing the perfect flowers for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or someone's birthday, appearance, as well as the personal preference of the person, is usually at the top of mind. However, the next time you are at the market, or ready to send flowers online, consider the meaning behind the flowers you're selecting. For centuries, many flowers have held special symbolism, both romantic and non-romantic, that may help you express your feelings better than a card.

Floriography is simply a fancy name for flower language. Every flower has its own special meaning or symbolism in the art of floriography, which can be influenced by its variety and colour. Some flowers even take on a new meaning based on the number given. A single daffodil, for example, is a no-no and is said to bring bad luck, whereas a bunch of them can be given for good luck!

Once you understand the meaning of flowers, you can begin experimenting with bouquets and arrangements with a reliable flower delivery service to express exactly how you feel about your loved one.


  • Flowers that symbolize Love

We're not sure if there's a flower with a more well-known meaning than the red rose – and we can thank Valentine's Day for that! On February 14th, red roses are commonly given to lovers and partners as a symbol of romance and affection, with a single rose sufficing.

Carnations, a staple in many floral arrangements, also play an important role when it comes to conveying a message of love. Red carnations may be the ideal way to express your feelings to that special someone. However, each carnation colour represents something different, so choose wisely!


  • Flowers that signify Friendship

Roses in a bright sunshine hue symbolise joy and friendship, combining the symbolism of love with the bright colours of happiness and summer. We love how these roses arrive in tight buds and gradually open their petals to create a stunning display – and we're sure your friends will, too!


  • Flowers that convey Admiration

It's difficult not to admire the delicate and intriguing orchid, which you'll convey when you give one of these plants to someone special to you. These distinctive flowers represent rare and delicate beauty. Make sure to include that tidbit on the gift tag to earn brownie points!


  • Flowers that express Joy

We can't help but smile when we see gerbera daisies, which is why these sweet flowers are said to represent cheerfulness and loyal love. Gerberas add a splash of colour to any bouquet and are sure to make you smile when displayed in a vase in your home.


  • Flowers that remember the Bygone

White lilies, which are commonly used as funeral flowers, represent purity, innocence, and sympathy. In terms of floriography, these lilies are said to represent soul rejuvenation, which is why they're associated with the natural balance of life and death. They are an ever-beautiful flower that, while not ideal for a bouquet, looks stunning in an arrangement.
Flowers can express love, comfort in grief, congratulate on a job well done, and celebrate friendship. Flower messages have changed dramatically over time. The same flower has meant different things to different people at different times and places.

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