Reviewing The Importance Of Field Marketing

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many have asked an important question - is this the end of field marketing? In this blog, we'll answer this question. 

Everyone must have experienced field marketing at some time or another. It involves specialized marketers who use numerous techniques to make sales and gather feedback from customers. These techniques include product demos, giving out samples, promoting products and services, etc. One must have had a run-in with a field marketer at events such as conferences, trade shows, workshops, among other events. 

The job of a field marketer is to engage with potential customers in person. They work in tandem with other marketing and sales teams present in the organization. A company uses digital and field marketing to create a holistic marketing strategy that caters to all sorts of customers. 

Role of Field Marketing

There are a variety of roles of field marketers, like attending events, forming relationships with vendors, maintaining brand positioning, understanding customer profiles, developing marketing plans, etc. These are just some of the functions a field marketer would perform, but there are numerous other tasks that are their responsibility. 

Relevance of Field Marketing

Now, to answer the question posed in the beginning - is this the end of field marketing? Not at all. Just because one may not be able to approach people does not mean that there is no use of a person-to-person connection. The numbers associated with digital field marketing show why it's necessary and why businesses continue to make use of this form of marketing.

Research has shown that 39% of marketers believe webinars are an essential part of marketing. Box saw a 112% return on investment when it converted physical events to digital events. Thomas Reuters reported a 73% increase in global attendees for digital conferences. 

Benefits of Field Marketing

Without having an excellent field marketing strategy, a company will not be able to achieve its targets. It is critical for the success of the marketing campaigns run by an organization. The advantages of field marketing for a business are given below:

Building Brand Awareness - The greatest strength of field marketing is its ability to reach the target audience. When a marketer attends events and conferences, he or she has a better chance of forming a connection with the target audience. This is not so easy when it comes to online marketing. 

Creating A Positive Brand Image - No other marketing technique has the power to build a positive image of the organization like field marketing. Those involved in this form of marketing are out in the field and doing actual demonstrations of the products. This is the best way to let people know the good qualities of a product are backed by the business. 

Increasing Sales - Field marketing has the capability to convince people on the spot to buy a particular product or service. This will result in increased sales for the company because people are seeing the real worth of the products and services.

Gathering Customer Feedback - What people really feel about a product or service can be ascertained with field marketing. Face-to-face interaction allows marketers to learn more about the thoughts of a customer regarding the product, this is much harder when it comes to internet marketing. 

Growing Customer Relationships - Field marketers are trained to create a great customer experience and form meaningful relationships with the individuals they interact with. This helps in forming a customer base that is loyal and long-lasting. 

Faisal Abidi

Faisal Abidi is the Co-Founder and Director of RNF Technologies since 2009. He has also co-founded other ventures, namely Phonato Studios, Resourcifi, and FNR Technologies. He started his career with Google India working in the online marketing space where he was recognized and rewarded for his innovative product ideas. Google was followed by British Telecom where he worked as an analyst and was involved in all aspects of marketing and business management of the highest level. He is a marketing and a tech enthusiast and has been invited by Google to speak on various online marketing trends. His professional interests lie in the areas of branding, digital marketing, and developing anti-fraud, and anti-scam tech solutions.