Which Moissanite Looks Most Natural?

Which Moissanite Looks Most Natural?

No matter if you like moissanite gemstone for its exquisiteness, many people are seeking it as a substitute for diamond. In this article, we have talked about the most popular moissanite cuts that seem most natural.

1.      Emerald Cut

This is not a very conventional diamond shape that has been getting great social media hype. Also, it is an excellent option for somebody who likes to stand out from the crowd. In terms of shine, a Moissanite Diamond Ring glows dazzlingly in any cut pattern, and the more white DEF color in moissanite stone makes emerald cut an excellent option. This makes it indistinguishable from natural diamonds. Different from radiant, these two rectangle-shaped cuts are way different in diamond replication, having emerald performing well compared to the radiant cut.

2.      Pear cut

Pear cut gemstones are a great preference. They’ll go well with your personality, regardless of how old you are. This is expected to be the most delicate cut of every shape, and it turns up incredibly well in Moissanite stone. These cuts come with the classic big-sized facets in the broader section of the stone. After that, they have lots of small cuts while they advance to the narrow section. Therefore, there is plenty to be fascinated by. Moissanite stone does not face any difficulty while copying diamond in this regard. Also, it is deemed that you would be very hard-pressed to regret while differentiating diamonds and moissanite stones within the pear cut.

3.      Round cut

A round cut is the most common pick for moissanite engagement rings and moissanite wedding rings. It can simply be described as timeless. The good news for moissanite is that it is also the most identical to a diamond as you differentiate both of them. A large percentage of people can’t state the distinction between a moissanite stone and a high-grade round cut diamond.

4.      Cushion cut

Likewise, round cut, cushion cut will always be among the most popular options for a central stone. You can choose a crushed iced, antique cut cushion or a brilliant cut for a moissanite gemstone. It would be best to go for the crushed ice variant if you are seeking the most diamond-like cushion.

5.      Oval cut

This cut style is classic yet trendy.  It works extremely well in moissanite gemstone. Also, an oval-shaped moissanite seems amazing even when you scale up your stone size. You do not have to compromise on a tiny stone if you are striving to pass it down as a diamond.

What Is the Difference between A Diamond and Moissanite Price?

While we discuss wedding ring gemstones, there are many things to take into account. While differentiating diamond and moissanite, we will glance at 3 major aspects. These include robustness, charm, and price. Let us talk about the price of both the valuable stones. Moissanite stone is the more preferred stone than a diamond as it is not too pricey.  This is the major benefit of buying moissanite jewelry near me over diamond jewelry.

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