Trending Hairstyles That Men Should Try In The Recent Times 

Trending Hairstyles That Men Should Try in the Recent Times 

2022 trending hairstyles for men

With changing times, humans have also transformed their appearances. They don’t look the same as they looked years ago. The contemporary character of humans has become more hybrid. Regardless of gender, everyone wants themselves to look the most enticing. In such cases, hairstyles are one of the most significant determinants that decide your look. With a great hairstyle at barbers in Moonee Ponds, you can create an impeccable impression amongst your admirers. Besides that, the rise of social media platforms and smartphones have also made humans look more sensitive.

Users who have quite decent followers on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are coming up as style icons with several groovy hairstyles. You are at the right editorial if you are also watching out for barbers in Moonee Ponds.

1- The Undercut

The undercut is a hairstyle that has always been in trend for years. It is one of the most tested and tried styles that can make you look more positive and attractive. Besides, the undercut style also has several forms. You can ask for a standard side cut, in which your side hairs will get trimmed with a fading design. Then you will have long hair on the top to complement it. You can even apply hair gels to keep your hair standing tall.

In the other form of undercut, your top hair is usually shorter in length. You can try out this hairstyle almost every season. This style also doesn’t need much maintenance compared to other forms of hairstyles. This style is widely prevalent in teenagers and adults, and it has also been capable of retaining its essence.

2- The crop

The crop is more suitable for those who have thick and curly hairs. It is a style that starts with stark contrast and then offers you an undercut in the side hairs. You won’t find much taller hair on the top of your head. Rather, the hair on top is smaller and even in this length. You will also get a flat fringe on the front part of your head. This hairstyle is often stylish and looks great when you have wet hair. Men can use a serum to keep their hair shiny all day long.

Apart from that, the crop hairstyle is much more convenient for men. They will feel relaxed and won’t need much maintenance as well. This hairstyle has also been a popular Asian men hairstyle for years. The crop is a hairstyle that also comes in several other forms. Messy crops is another form that looks enticing with a long face and an earring.

3- Modified bowl cut

This is a hairstyle that every kid must be aware of when they were kids. When parents don’t find time to take you to the salon, they accomplish this hairstyle by keeping a bowl on your head and cutting the remaining hair. Today’s hairstyle is also pretty popular but offers you a different look with a professional touch. In a modernized way, professional offer you bowl cut along with faded side haircut. The earlier bowl cut had no hair on the side, but this one is quite different and suits everyone.

4- Full-bodied taper

This is a hairstyle that has made its comeback. It was quite popular during the 90s and has gained the limelight. Nowadays, you can see mens trying this hairstyle again. It is quite simple, functional, and multi-intentional. The side hairs are similar to undercut, but you won’t find skin here. Hair would be covering all parts. This hairstyle is classy, offering you the most precise look for all parties. So, you can also try it out in several barber shop in Moonee Ponds.


In conclusion, these are some of the most trending hairstyles to explore and try in recent age. Now that you are aware of trending hairstyles, you can try them on you the next time you visit a salon.

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