Top 10 Reasons For Divorce In Maryland

Top 10 Reasons for Divorce in Maryland

Maryland is one of the states that recognizes fault and no-fault divorce. Marriages that end on mutual consent are usually destined for a no-fault divorce. On the other hand, you can file for ‘Fault Grounds of Divorce’ if you want to terminate the marriage because your spouse wronged you. Every marriage is different, and so are the reasons for pursuing divorce. Family Law Attorney in Baltimore, MD, enlists the top ten reasons for divorce in Maryland in relation to their experience with clients:

1. Unpreparedness

Many marriages end within the year because the couple was not ready for the ensuing responsibilities and expectations. Couples of all ages have confessed that their relationship post-marriage deteriorated because they were not prepared for the married life. This is most common among young newly-weds (couples in their early twenties or younger), who get married in the name of love and later realize that it isn’t enough.

2. Money Problems

Financial issues can destroy the strongest of relationships, which is why disputes about money in marriages often end in divorce. When one spouse becomes jobless or their mistakes bankrupt the business, the other has to suffer the consequences too. Retaining the relationship becomes impossible if the partner has a gambling addiction, intentionally remains unemployed, spends wastefully, takes a loan/makes big purchases without telling you, or owes a mountain of debt you didn’t know about.

3. Infidelity

When someone finds out that their spouse is having an extra-marital affair or constantly cheating on them, it is typically the point of no return. Infidelity shatters the trust in a relationship, and indicates that intimacy between the married couple has either diminished or perished. Most individuals are never able to forgive an unfaithful spouse, so getting a divorce makes sense.

4. Domestic Violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence, filing for divorce is the best decision. Many individuals (men and women) suffer physical and emotional abuse because of an abusive partner. The condescending, cruel, and controlling behavior of the offender damages their physical and mental health. Terminating the toxic relationship is necessary for survival.

5. Imprisonment for a Crime

When a person is imprisoned for committing a serious crime, it is understandable that their spouse may want to divorce them. For instance, the prison sentence could be very long, or the criminal’s spouse may simply feel repulsed by their actions. The goal could be to escape and protect the children from the resulting stigma.

6. Desertion

If your spouse left you without a reason and hasn’t contacted you in over 12 months, you may divorce them on the basis of desertion. It is important that you have exhausted every way to reach your spouse, but they never responded; if that’s the case, you qualify for default divorce.

7. Inequality

Problems arise when one or both spouses do not see each other as equals. Mutual respect is compulsory for sustaining the marriage. Examples of inequality in a marriage include:

  • Treating the wife like an inferior, i.e. her opinions are not heard and her consent is considered unnecessary
  • Keeping your income to yourself and expecting your partner to bear all household expenses
  • Claiming the better things because you’re the primary breadwinner

8. Third-Party Interference

If you allow a third party to dictate the affairs of your marriage, the development of conflict is predictable. A friend or family member may sabotage your relationship intentionally or by accident. It is best to keep the matters of your relationship private and resolve them without an outsider’s help.

9. Weight Gain

This may sound superficial, but appearances matter. When a person gains weight, he/she may begin to look unkempt and unattractive. As a result, their spouse loses interest in them and wishes to move on.

10. Distance

When two partners live apart for long periods of time for their career or some other reason, their bond weakens. They immerse themselves in their immediate surroundings and the person far away becomes more insignificant by the day.