8 Casual Winter Outfit Ideas For Men

8 Casual Winter outfit Ideas for Men

With the arrival of winters and varying temperatures, it becomes super challenging for a man to keep up his styling game. Layering is one of the best ways to survive the winter and with some knowledge about garments, one can ace a classy casual winter look. Most men feel utterly lazy to give it a thought before putting together pieces and eventually dress up in a way that doesn't look appealing.

Owning classic pieces that never go out of fashion makes it easy for you guys to put together a great casual winter outfit. Mix and match and voila!! You have a brand-new look. Here we talk about specific casual winter outfit ideas that will up your fashion game.

1. Puffer jacket to the rescue

These are everywhere and are the most functional winter piece. If not paired with the right pieces, it might look overwhelming. Turtlenecks look great under a puffer jacket. Replace your regular jeans with a good pair of sweatpants and put on some good sneakers.

2. Turtleneck- turtleneck. Where have you been?

Do you want to protect your neck from the chilly winds? Indulge in a turtleneck. It is one of the most versatile pieces you could have in your winter essentials wardrobe. These are a great way to cover your neck without carrying something bulky like a scarf. Get yourself this piece in various colors, including black, white, and nude. Try adding an overcoat over a thick turtleneck, triggers and some shoes. Good to go.

3. Cable knit sweaters coming right up

Knitwear has options for every taste and is present in almost every man's winter wardrobe. Sweaters come in handy when you think you have nothing to wear and pop on some jeans with your sweater and some sneakers or chukka boots. If you want a more comfortable look, swap your jeans with a good pair of stretchable pants. If you want a more edgy look, go for an all-black look and make sure the heads turn.

4. Hoodie? Present sir!!

Did you just say winter is coming and not talk about hoodies yet? A hoodie is a very safe piece that can be layered on top of many pieces and creates a fun casual winter outfit for men. It is multi-functional as it protects our torso, our head, and our hands as well. Wear it on top of a turtleneck along with some relaxed-fit trousers and some ankle-length shoes.

For a change, add a short coat and denim jeans.

5. Fluffy fleece jacket for a change.

Go all monochromatic for this look. Add a turtleneck, similar shade trousers, and a fluffy fleece jacket. Soft jackets aren't much in trend but they look super cool when paired the right way.

6. Go comfortable with a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants set.

Not all days are the same. Some days we just want to feel super cozy and relaxed. That's when co-ords come to the rescue. Put on your favorite sweatshirt and comfy sweatpants with a classic jacket on top. Tada. Who said you can't look stylish yet feel comfortable this winter?

7. Leather jacket sounds cool.

Need an edgy look for a change? Throw on some white sweatshirt or a hoodie, black semi-fitted trousers and some black Chelsea boots. Now top it up with a black or tan leather jacket. Switch the sweatshirt for a white turtleneck to amp up your look even further.

8. Trench coat - never goes out of style.

Want to keep up the glam quotient without layering a lot? Bring out that coat you always wanted to wear but couldn't style it properly. Pair it with a sweatshirt, pullover, or a turtleneck and finish it off by pairing a pair of well-fitted trousers and some boots. Add a scarf if the weather demands or if you want to add another element to your outfit.

While these pieces are a good start for a capsule winter wardrobe, keep in mind the colors you opt for. Have more neutrals, browns, nudes, pastels. Olive green is another quirky color to have in your wardrobe. You can also have some statement pieces like a turtleneck in a bold color or a pullover with some intricately embroidered patches. Keep these in mind the next time you get ready and I'm sure you will rock your casual outfit this winter.