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Four Features To Avoid When Designing A Site

By 2022, website owners will have more resources at their disposal. Whether you are a newbie or looking for fun ways to get your site designed, you are in the right place. Rank local, one of the best marketing firms producing Web Design Services Christchurch NZ points out things you might be doing wrong with your site design. People think that design is what you perceive and watch. Steve Jobs corrected the notion by saying that design is something that works. It is imperative to ensure that the site looks nice. 

Secure that the site performs the intended task: converting leads to potential clients.

Unluckily, it is not the case. For instance, top sites have features known for sabotaging conversion rates and productivity. Don't you believe what you are hearing? SEO Hamilton firm points to the mistakes that you should avoid repeating.  

Sites with Stock photos look backdated. 

Stock photos - are you familiar with the term. Perhaps you came across a WordPress layout on Theme forest. It comes with a contemporary design, plus the web layout costs only $50. It is a thousand times cheaper than a standard custom design. 

Isn't it the perfect mix of features that you are looking for? You buy the stock photo and put it in place. Hours passed by, and you realized that things were not working as planned. It makes you go back to the original version and compare the two. You get shocked to find that it doesn't align with the pristine copy persuading you to buy the staff. 

Web design services Christchurch NZ claims that 2021 layouts are minimal. Take a look at the web design that you are reading now. See the whitespace on the layout. 

Don't you find a lot of white space with a decent font style? Look at the clean typography of the web layout. The other thing that makes it unique is the high-quality image. 

Best websites in 2021 had custom images and professional photography. It enhances the overall aesthetics of the site.

Don't go for mega-sized videos that take time to load. 

As we just noticed, conversion-oriented web pages with stock photos lessen conversion by harming site credibility. But it doesn't mean that extensive images do well to the site either. There are sites with full image video backgrounds on the back. It extends beyond your desktop screen and looks pixel-perfect. You may wonder - what's wrong with the video background? Surprisingly, it takes twelve seconds to load. It means that there is a chance of losing 31% of the visitors. 

Weighted CTA improves your conversion rate.

Web Design Services Auckland NZ claims that the odds of visitors bouncing from your site increases if it takes more than seven seconds to load. The fact is that people don't like waiting around. It doesn't matter how dynamic the site looks. 

Google recently came up with a tool that helps you measure the progress of your site. Try to test my website and it meets your testing requirements. It's better not to go for a lousy CTA. The CTA options should give the reader a visual clue of the order of appearance. 

Marketing firms in NZ run a test to show the immediate impact CTA buttons have on the conversion rate. CTA buttons with a direct call-to-action can have a 64% more conversion rate than their counterparts. 

Sites with a flat design are easy to understand.

People expect sites to perform as they should. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. Web design services Christchurch NZ claim that flat designs can enhance the productivity of your site. When executed in the right way, it makes the webpage readable and easy to browse.