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5 Best Home Painting Ideas To Transform Your Space.

In this modern world decorating your home interiors is very important. Painting plays an important role in making your home look beautiful. But finding the best home painting ideas is a difficult job. Earlier we use to paint our home mostly with same colour as we don’t have so many choices but now there are so many different home painting ideas are there from where you can select the best for your home. We at Rainbow Kolors has a dedicated team for colour consultation who have vast experience in this field. They will guide you about the different home painting ideas. Here are some of the creative home painting ideas to add personality and style to your space: -

1)      Wall texture design-

The best way to make your walls look elegant is to add some wall texture design on it. There are many different textures designs available from which you can choose the one which suits your room interior. The common trend is one wall texture and rest three walls contrasting colour which goes with the texture. Here are some of the wall texture designs combination from which you can take some idea: -

A)      Royale play special effects- Choose from a variety of textures for your wall. These textures are available in metallic and non-metallic colour. There are many combinations available for these designs to choose from.


B)      Stucco design- These designs are inspired from marble and other stone surfaces. These textures will give a marble finish effect on your wall. These are a bit costly design compare to other royale paly textures.


C)      Dune/Safari- These designs are basically inspired from African continent which is covered mostly with desert, sand dunes and jungles. If you like rough textures design then these designs are the best choice for you.


D)      Antico- This is a high-end design from Asian paints. Inspired by Italian finishes this texture design are the most beautiful design you would have ever come across. With its rustic finish this design looks great on any wall.


2)      Wall stencil design-

This is another home painting idea that you can try if you have constraint budget. These stencils are generally done in one wall of a room. If you color the wall with some deep color then you need to do the stencil design with light colour to make it look descent and vice-versa. You can also do stencils on your staircase walls. There are different types of stencil design which are shown below: -

A)      Nature Theme – If you are a nature lover and want something related to nature then these stencils are of great choice.


B)      All over- This stencils pattern are substitute for texture design. If you want texture design but you don’t want to spend much then you can definitely do this design on your wall. This stencil will cover the whole wall and gives a beautiful look to your wall.


C)      Geometric- As it is clear from the name these designs are have geometric shape. Some are square, some of them are rectangle pattern, some are triangle.


D)      Ethnic- Ethnic design reflects the diversity and richness of Indian culture. Each ethnic design tells a story of something related to Indian art.



3)      Artistic painting design- Another home painting idea that is in trend now a days is artistic painting or wall sketch painting. There are some limitations on texture design or stencil design because these designs are available only in few numbers and you have to choose from there only. But in artistic paint you can choose your design as per your wish. A good artist can draw any painting on wall. You can do 2D painting, 3D painting or any other painting of your choice.



4)      Two colour combination- The simplest home painting idea for painting your home is with two colour combination. If you don’t want to do any texture paint or stencil painting. You want to keep it simple but at the same time you want your home to look good then you can simply go for two colour combination for your bedroom and living room. The best way to do it to keep one wall of your room deep and the rest three available walls in light shade. Some of the two colour combination for bedroom walls are shown below.


5)      Wallpaper- Wallpapers are another alternative for texture design. If you want something different on your wall then you can surely go for wallpapers, as texture design have limitations but there are variety of designs available in wallpaper. Now a days you can find waterproof wallpaper which are washable also.



How to avail these Home Painting Ideas?

If you want to avail any of the above home painting design ideas for your home you can contact Rainbow Kolors for that. We are one of the best home painting company in Kolkata. We have expert and trained painters who can carry out this job with perfection. You can call us or WhatsApp us to our mobile number 8240575430 or you can also send us mail. After your enquiry you will get a call within 24hrs from our company. You can book free site visit for measurement and quotation.