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5 Surprising Benefits Of Nylon Rugs You Never Knew

5 Surprising Benefits of Nylon Rugs You Never Knew

Just as wool rules the natural fibre world, nylon dominates the synthetic fibre sphere. Despite this, many shoppers think twice when buying nylon rugs. Not many know that they are the unsung heroes in interior design. If you have countless friends and relatives visiting your home frequently and energetic furry friends romping happily in your living spaces, you need a carpet that will survive the high foot traffic, keep your rooms fashionable and save your sanity.

Guess who comes to your rescue? Of course, we are talking about floor coverings woven from super-quality nylon fibres. Soft to touch yet durable enough to resist daily wear and tear, these blow the mind with their incredible benefits. Captured in this blog post are five of them that would draw you to its collection more than before.

Here’s Why You Must Have Your Floors Covered with a Nylon Rug

Charles Stine, the vice president of Du Pont, once appreciated nylon fibres, saying that these could be fashioned to create filaments as strong as steel and as fine as a spider’s web. This occurred during the invention of nylon fabric in the 1930s.

Nylon floor coverings were launched 20 years later, during the 1950s and even today, they enjoy the same characteristics. The only thing that has changed with technological advancements is nylon’s texture. Significant improvements have been recorded in its construction, with the carpets proving more long-lasting under proper care and maintenance.

Let us move ahead to look at the features due to which it’s considered a worthy investment:

  1. Durable and functional

Unlike other materials, nylon enjoys high tensile strength. Therefore, area rugs woven from its fibres go well in high-traffic rooms. Despite usage over longer periods, they preserve their texture and condition. In a family home where kids and pets are always playing around, nylon rugs never show signs of damage.

When compared to carpets designed from wool or natural fibres, nylon counterparts better retain their appearance despite regular vacuuming. There is one more aspect where the synthetic fibre-made floor coverings enjoy the limelight. They cannot produce allergens and trigger allergies in homeowners.

  1. A stylish addition to living spaces

It would be an understatement to say that nylon area rugs are just functional additions to home décor. In reality, they have the potential to create artwork on the floor. The vivid hues, intricate patterns and visible textures are enough to make them work as paintings under your feet. While patterned ones add visual interest, solid-coloured ones in shades of beige and grey create a modern or minimalist look. When seeking a statement piece, bold hues like red or yellow fulfil the purpose well. Much like area rugs, which contain natural fibres and lend beautiful textures to the bottoms of rooms, nylon lends a similar feel but has the additional advantage of holding up well over time.

  1. Versatile

Nylon, featuring strong synthetic fibres, goes well into living rooms, hallways, lobbies, basements and every room experiencing high traffic. There is no restriction as to where it could go, making them versatile choices.

  1. Low-maintenance

Nylon area rugs enjoy smooth surfaces where neither dust nor dirt clings. Vacuuming the carpets regularly is enough to keep them clean. Concerns about mould or mildew growing over them are rare, as they dry off easily after a wash. Lastly, spills are easily tackled on nylon through spot cleaning. Due to their hydrophobic quality, they resist staining.

  1. Fade-resistant

Imagine having your dreams of having your favourite rug decorate your home shattered in just six months due to fading. Fortunately, such a scenario never occurs when working with nylon carpets. You can place them near windows without fear of the sun's rays lightening the pigments. The fact that they are treated with an additional layer of colour fastness makes them fade-resistant. It’s an important trait that's hard to overlook.

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With wool and cotton rugs ruling the floor-covering world since time immemorial, synthetic fibres like nylon rarely get the chance to demonstrate their qualities. With rug outlets like Rugshop featuring a stunning range, homeowners are acknowledging their durability, ease of maintenance and fade resistance while enjoying the remarkable styles they are available in. Explore geometric, abstract and solid-coloured styles from the collection today.