Different Types Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns Adopted By Digital Influencers India

Different types of influencer marketing campaigns adopted by digital influencers India


Influencer marketing in India is today the fastest growing and in-demand modern-day advertising strategy. Companies are currently using influencers in India to reach new audiences and engage with existing customers. Top brands are focused on a collaborative partnership with influencers to build their brands online. However, businesses are often left confused between the different types of influencer campaigns and determine which strategy works best for them. So, covering this in detail we have explained the different influencer marketing campaigns that can be used by brands for promoting their brand, increase awareness, drive social engagement, and boost sales and ROI.

Different types of Influencer Marketing Campaign

With Influencer marketing platforms in India, there are several ways and techniques that brands can adopt to create an effective and successful influencer marketing campaign. But today we will be just focusing on the popular campaign techniques that are often used by most brands in the industry.

Product Placement Campaign

Product placement campaigns are very popular techniques adopted by most top brands to showcase their brand. So this basically involves, partnering with social media influencers by developing a product placement campaign that involves incorporating a company’s product, services, or logo into a digital influencer’s content in a creative, flattering, or engaging way. This way brands get an immense amount of exposure to millions of engaged consumers who may most likely notice and buy a product endorsed by their favorite social media influencer.

Contest & Giveaway campaigns                                  

Another popular way of engaging customers is by partnering with a social media influencer to create a contest that provides an opportunity for the audience to participate and win your products, vouchers, or discount coupons of your brand. Hosting social media contests like giveaways creates a huge buzz about a brand, fosters goodwill, and inspires consumers to like, and follow your brand. This way the brands increase their exposure by using hashtags techniques and also gains significant traffic, visibility, and even sales. Aligning with social media influencers in India to promote the contest is an effective way for companies to leverage the large follower base of influencers and ensure they actively participate in the campaign.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Blogs are considered today the most trusted source of information online. So, brands are turning to bloggers to leverage the trust of their audiences. So, in this, you can collaborate with the blogger to write a post about you on their blogs.  Now, this can be done in two ways, one in which the blog maybe solely dedicated to your brand, speaking about the products, their quality, and experience, or the second way wherein the blogger may mention about your brand in posts where similar products and services are discussed. Either way, it will require a collaboration with the digital influencer in India to write about your brand and promote your business.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another popular way similar to sponsored blogs which is also a very effective way of promoting your brand. Collaborating with an influencer from your niche you can get the influencer to write blogs about your brand. This works in two ways, one wherein Guest blogging can be done by accepting guest posts to your blog.  This increases your exposure and thereby improves brand awareness as guest bloggers will share your post in his network which promotes your brand and eventually drives traffic. Second, submit your post to websites and blogs platform of your industry. Reach out to these platforms regarding the submission of guest posts and this will increase your authority and credibility as you get to build awareness of your brand on platforms that are visited by millions. This also increases your chances of gaining potential new followers and customers.


The idea of collaborating with influencer marketing in India is to leverage their influential capabilities to your benefit. Collaborating with them and getting them to communicate your brand message to their audience will not just increase your brand exposure, but also increase traffic and boost sales. Since influencers already have a large fan following it becomes easier for brands to tap their audience. Influencer marketing campaigns are useful to connect with the audience and build credibility in the industry. So, adopting some of the above-mentioned techniques of influencer marketing will certainly bring in more value to your campaign and business.