Common Misconceptions People Have About Fingerprint Services

Common Misconceptions People Have About Fingerprint Services

These days, corporate places are under a lot of stress as their security services are getting weak and information is being breached. In order to enhance security, employees should seek the help of Calgary fingerprinting services NE. But even after taking the help of these services, people still have some misconceptions in their minds.

In order to clear that up, we are here with this informative blog, through which corporate employees will get the idea that they don’t have to check everything on their own before coming to any decision.

So, without wasting much time, we are going to share a list of misconceptions and the reality about them:

#1 Fingerprint Services are Costly & Time-Consuming

Reality: Before installing fingerprint services for enhanced security in the workplace, people generally think that these services are costly and time-consuming. But in reality, it’s not true

So, it would be really wrong if they judged before getting these services. Fingerprint services make it easy for employees to maintain their records safely without anyone’s interruption and this work takes a little bit of time. 

#2 Fingerprint Databases Store Personal Information

Reality: Another misconception that people working at corporate places have in their minds is that if the fingerprint is registered once on the system, then the personal information related to that person would easily get fetched. But actually, it’s not the case, as personal data like names, addresses, and social security numbers are not kept in fingerprint databases. 

But as an alternative, they preserve mathematical representations of the distinctive patterns and traits seen in fingerprints. So, people can take help from these fingerprint services without stressing, as they only enhance the security of data.

#3 Fingerprints can Determine a Person’s Entire record & history

Reality: This misconception causes a bad impression in everyone’s mind that if they get their fingerprints registered, then it would be convenient for the company to know about their history. But the fingerprints the company takes are only for their security and record-keeping & maintenance purposes.

#4 Fingerprint Services Cause Pain or Harm

Reality: People working at corporate places think that getting their fingerprints registered is a painful process for them. But it’s actually a simple thing to do, as they only have to keep their finger on it, and the sensor will detect their impression itself and record that. 

#5 Fingerprints are Forever

People think that fingerprints are for life but this is not true. Sometimes due to several genetic conditions or due to accidents, our fingerprints gets blurred. Also, the persons who are associated with typing work or indulged in the massaging job or maids, they also get their fingerprints blurred. So, everytime it is vital to get your fingerprints updated for any kind of legal formality you will perform. 

#6 Humans Only Have Fingerprints

This is also a common myth among people that only humans have fingerprints, but this is not so. Animals do also have finger prints such as gorillas, chimpanzees and so on. 

#7 Fingerprint System is Automatic

Another common myth among individuals is that the system ( AFIS - Automated Fingerprint Identification System) does all the work when the fingerprints are taken. But actually it is the expert who are handling the system because the proficiency is  always dependent on the expert not the system. 

In Conclusion

The aforementioned misconceptions give business workers the impression that Calgary fingerprinting services NE are not only unpleasant but also extremely helpful and enhance workplace security. You may contact Anzac Security to obtain the greatest security protection for your business location if you also want to take advantage of the best fingerprinting services for your workplace.