Analyze The Advantages And Characteristics Of Artificial Succulents

Analyze the advantages and characteristics of ARTIFICIAL SUCCULENTS

the artificial succulents is a common artificial plant, which is a plant model that technicians imitate 1:1 according to the shape of the succulents . the succulents is made of fiberglass resin tree pole structure, high-performance epoxy resin and glass fiber are used for winding molding, the tree pole is made of national standard steel structure, and the leaves are made of high-function anti-flame retardant and environmentally friendly materials such as abs plastic or pu. excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, more environmentally friendly, uv protection. the artificial succulents is often used in yards, roadsides and flower beds, and is suitable for viewing in all seasons.
advantages of artificial succulents 
1. no need to water or fertilize, no need to worry about plants drying up and withering, which saves a lot of cost for future care
; it is necessary to choose plant varieties at will, regardless of the northwest desert or the desolate gobi, can create a green world that is like spring all year round;
3. with the rapid development of building material technology, planning thinking and conception have been unprecedentedly liberated, and more and more huge indoor spaces appearing in our lives, artificial plant landscaping introduces palm plants with excellent garden landscape effects into the room, which just meets the needs of such space landscaping and creates landscape effects that ordinary plants cannot complete.
features of the artificial succulents
1. it is less affected by the environment, can be used for a long time, and has a long lifespan.
2. simple maintenance. the branches and leaves of the artificial plants are not moldy or rotten, do not need to be watered, and do not breed mosquitoes and flies.
3. strong plasticity and environmentally friendly materials. the raw materials mainly include: plastic products, silk cloth, pu, unsaturated resin, in addition, metal rods, pvc hoses, fresh-keeping plants, etc. are used. these materials have no pollution or little pollution. due to the high elasticity of the material, it can be used with models of special heights and shapes, and it can be kept green, breaking through the limitations of genuine products. the production skills are very delicate, exquisite and lifelike.
4. the price is affordable. the material is of high quality. the price of artificial plants is not high, and some are much lower than real flowers and grasses, and the transportation is convenient and the transfer is easy.