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What Goes Into A Good E-commerce Site?

What Goes Into A Good E-Commerce Site?

Since the start of sites such as Flipkart, Snapdealm, Amazon and eBay, there have been many e-commerce sites all across the internet. Many businesses prefer to have their customers do their transactions online since it is more convenient for both parties. But designing an e-commerce site takes a good understanding of how to organize the various items your client wants to sell and what are the important functions that your client’s customers need to be aware of. Innovins – a team of Ecommerce Developers in Mumbai creates beautiful websites for you.

1: You Should Place An Emphasis On Features That Involve Sorting The Products Based On Various Criteria

If you look at several online stores, they have a “sort by” function when looking at the various products. You can sort through the items by their price, user reviews, and other criteria. But if you look at Wal-Mart’s online store, its sorting also features criteria such as what products are the best selling and what products are new. This is excellent thinking as it reads into the mind of the customer in terms of where they want to start sorting through the items.

Each customer has a different method and different thinking for how they want to find what they are looking for. For example, customers may want to look through a set of products based on price, popularity, or user reviews. A smart designer will do his/her best to anticipate what kind of criteria a customer will search for and base their sorting options off of that.

2: Include As Much Information As You Can On Each Product When You List It

While this piece of advice seems obvious at first glance, it goes against the normal thinking that you should make everything short and simple. The reason why it is okay to write a lot in this situation is because you have already grabbed the customer’s attention at this point. Once the customer has reached your website and started looking through the products, you have gotten their attention and can start to become more verbose in describing each product.

More details means that the customer can learn more about each product in case they have questions. Of course, make sure that your sentences are not too long and that each sentence is powerful and understandable to the reader. But don’t be afraid to add a lot of information for each product because the customer needs this information in make a decision on whether to purchase or not.

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